AI for Business Success

AI Summit Seoul 2019 is a global knowledge conference on AI. We cover the business strategy and implementation and various use cases in industry driven by AI, including  the latest trends of AI Technology.

As the largest AI event in Asia, you will meet outstanding and insightful speakers from the top global brands, AI startups and AI labs.


Meet Our World-Class Speakers

You will have the chance to meet world-class AI experts at the AI Summit Seoul. You can learn more on the impact of AI and how it is shaping the global economy and industry. You will see how industries converge with AI and how leading companies adapt and adopt AI powered businesses and create new business.

AI Summit 2019 Seoul introduces innovative AI use cases from global companies to AI startups by industry. Among Fortune 1,000 companies, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Société Générale, FedEx, Volvo Group, BT Group, Adobe, Rakuten, Dentsu and Expedia will participate in AI Summit 2019 Seoul.

You will get new insights from global thought leaders at the AI Summit Seoul this November.


Learn How AI converges with Industry

The event will cover real-world cases and business models in the AI industry. in particular, you will learn how deep learning, machine learning, cognitive computing and face recognition in each industry are implemented and innovate the business process. We have allocated more sessions this year on the specific topics of finance, pharmaceuticals, commerce, manufacturing, and logistics.

If you are working in marketing, management and finance, and business functions, the AI Summit Seoul presents a great opportunity to learn how AI transforms the business model and process. If you are an engineer and/or researcher, you can learn more on how AI technology integrates with the business model.


AI Technology Trend At One Event 

AI is a key lever in transforming modern business. AI is used in all current technological arenas from big data, Internet of Things to block-chain. AI technologies, such as autonomous driving, face recognition, computer visioning and even marketing engine, evolve every day and generate a new economy. The speakers at the AI Summit Seoul will show you how AI technology paves the way in the age of scientific revolution.


Meet the Speakers and Participants

AI Summit Seoul 2019 is presented by top-brand speakers from a wide range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, retail and AI start-ups. There are investors as well as venture firm CEOs. We hope to introduce you to the pioneers of the AI industry, for you to meet your AI colleagues, and broaden your network wherever you work. You make the future of AI.



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