AI in the Age of Digital Transformation

AI Summit Seoul (AIS) is a highly influential global conference focused on the integration of AI and business. AIS provides quality knowledge to help you and your organization find new business opportunities and develop AI skills. 

AI Summit Seoul 2021 (AIS 2021) will be held in Seoul and live-streamed online on December 7-9, 2021.


Finding Opportunities in the Age of AI Transformation!

There is no company that won’t benefit from the adoption of AI. AI shouldn’t be limited to a small number of platform-based companies. In fact, according to a Forbes report, 85% of companies in China are adopting AI somewhere within their corporate process. As leaders of business and society, it is necessary to understand the importance of using AI to create and expand businesses and improve the existing internal operational processes. Understanding this, we have invited the leaders of such organizations ranging from global companies to startups as speakers. 

At AI Summit 2021 Seoul, you’ll find innovative AI use cases from many global companies and startups, all in different industries. See how global companies and startups are systematically adapting and discovering new opportunities with AI!


Meet Our World-Class Speakers

You will have the chance to meet world-class AI experts at AI Summit Seoul. You can learn more about the impact of AI and how it is shaping the global economy and specific industries. We have invited numerous speakers from the fortune 1000 companies and world class AI laboratory. 

AI Summit 2021 Seoul introduces innovative AI use cases from global companies to AI startups by industry.

You will get new insights from global thought leaders at the AI Summit Seoul this December.


Learn How AI Converges with Industry

The event will cover real-world cases and business models of the AI industry. In particular, you will learn how deep learning, machine learning, cognitive computing, and facial recognition are implemented and innovate the business process. This year, we have allocated more sessions on the specific topics of finance, pharmaceuticals, commerce, manufacturing, and logistics. 

If you are working in marketing, management, finance, or business functions, AI Summit Seoul is a great opportunity to learn how AI transforms business models and processes. If you are an engineer and/or researcher, you can learn more about the integration of AI technology in various business models.


AI Technology Trends At A Glance

This year’s AI Summit Seoul is focused on helping our attendees see the overall trends of the market. Many data scientists, experts, and research scientists from all over the world will share their experiences and insights. Come and learn from those working at the center of the AI revolution.

The speakers have prepared real-life cases and business models from many industries including finance, pharmaceuticals, commerce, manufacturing, and cognitive computing.

Join us and learn more about AI’s core technologies including big data, internet of things, and block chain as well as the future of AI including autonomous driving, computer visioning and facial recognition.


Why AI Startups?

Startup companies play an essential role in the global AI market. At the core of cities like San Francisco, Boston, Beijing, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, and Bengaluru leading the AI revolution, are AI startups. AI startups are constantly innovating and creating new business models that are yet to be seen.

Join us at AI Summit Seoul and listen to the success stories of these startups!