DAY 1Track 3

AI in the Industry – Banking and Financial Services

As the spread of Artificial Intelligence only increases, this talk will focus on how it has impacted the Banking and Financial Services industry. An introduction on the penetration of AI and its sophistication will be provided ot the audience. A quick overview of the impact regulations have on the complexities of the algorithms used. 
Then an overview of the typical kind of problems the banking industry uses AI for. This will complete the introduction.
We will then move into a deep dive on the use of AI in Anti Money Laundering. 
 – An overview of the kind of problems that need to be solved in this space.
 – The different approaches banks have taken to solve this problem
 – A look at how different solutions work for different kind of organiztions
 – A quick journey of how one would go about setting up the governance, infrastructure, ect. to create an AI team or CoE.



Uttam Jaggu VP Head DTO, Societe Generale