Day 1Track 1

Lessons From Digital Transformation Through AI

Many companies have a keen interest in big data and AI, represented by deep learning, and plan to use it in their business, but at the same time, they worry a lot about investment size, timing, execution method, and technology internalization.
In this session, we will discuss the application of AI in various industries and the introduction of Lesson Learned.
In addition, we will introduce the latest trend analysis cases such as data fusion and insight analysis using AI.



TG Shim CJ Olive Networks, SVP Head of Big Data and CJONE

Mr. Shim Tak-Gil is currently in charge of CJ Olive Networks’ big data and AI businesses, as well as CJ ONE, a membership / marketing platform.
In 2006, we did not commercialize the concept of big data, but we succeeded in commercializing large-scale big data platform based on Hadoop in Korea. I have tried to make it.
In the early stages, the KISA Big Data Academy has recently been engaged in AI Evangelist activities, such as lectures on the highest level of AI in Maekyung.