How AI is affecting how we work, and how it will change the future of work

Are you worried or enthused by the progress in AI technology?

Your answer probably depends on your expectations of AI – and yet the future of AI is driven by these expectations.

The future is not a given. Differing conceptualisations are already shaping different outcomes for businesses and people. I will describe our application of different styles of “AI” to significant areas of our business, providing practical evidence of these differences. The scientific rigour necessary to build these applications forces an explicit appraisal of the technical and cultural factors involved.

The coevolution of the human and machine processes point us towards some important lessons for future organisations. 

-Your approach to AI will depend by your view of what your organisation wants to be.

-Your view of the future balance between cost control and growth is critical.



Stephen Cassidy British Telecom, Chief Researcher

Stephen Cassidy is a Chief Researcher in System Science at the global telecoms company BT.

His focus is the interaction between people, machines and organisational structure in determining enterprise culture and effectiveness.

He has published over 60 papers and book chapters and filed over 50 patents in areas ranging from optical technology to business processes. He lectures at several business schools and is a member of several academic advisory boards. He is a member of the Institute of Physics and is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering Technology.