DAY 1Track 2

Seven Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Future Workplaces

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the shape of organisations, giving us new workplace tools and changing the way we work.  Combined with the Internet of Things (IOT) AI can understand and predict our needs in the workplace; improve the experience and efficiency of work and take the idea of a “Smart Building” to a new level.  Augmented Reality (AR) powered by AI will start to fuse the physical and virtual worlds in ways we are only starting to imagine.  This session looks at the future of work and workplaces through the lens of AI.



Peter Andrew CBRE, Workplace Strategies Asia Pacific Executive Director

Peter has a personal ambition to transform work and workplace in Asia. To help create beautiful and functional buildings that drive business performance and enhance the lives of the everyday worker. Peter leads the Workplaces Strategy Centre of Excellence function in APAC for CBRE leading a team of 120 specialists in twelve countries. 

Peter works at board level with corporations to understand their businesses and develop and implement strategies that improve business performance. His passion and expertise lies with understanding the relationships between culture, behavioiur, technology, organisational processes and the creation and use of physical environments – in particular places for work, innovation and learning. 

Peter’s current area of thought leadership is how Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality will impact the way corporations operate; how people work; and the environments that they work in.