Nov. 27Workshop | 14:00 – 17:00

Implementing DNN-NLP-based Chatbot Systems

This hands-on workshop will walk you through the process of building an intelligent chatbot system that performs natural language processing (NLP) based on deep learning technology. Understand the process and technology of implementing chatbot system using BERT technology and KorQuAD 2.0 Korean data, which are attracting attention recently, and discuss how to apply them to actual work.

(You need to bring your own laptop with internet access!)

Take Away

– Understanding how to implement chatbot system, trend of technology change, and application direction

 – Understanding AI / Deep Learning Technology for Natural Language Processing

Target Audience

– IT and business practitioners and managers seeking to introduce a chatbot system

– Researchers and developers interested in using deep learning based natural language processing technology



JS Park RAONBIT, Founder

Mr. Park has been in charge of development of big data related technologies and predictive analysis using machine learning / deep learning.

We have developed data-related solutions such as Apache Spark-based data analysis platform, data analysis-based computerized audit solution, and CKAN-based data distribution platform, and various fields such as chatbot system using deep learning and surgery result prediction using IoT sensor data. Has experience in applying machine learning / deep learning.