DAY 2Track 2

Warehouse Automation: AI Brings Evolution to Logistics

Faced with new consumer trends and the rise of ecommerce, labour costs are increasing rapidly worldwide. We can no longer rely on manual operations in warehouse and everyone’s looking for a replacement. Automation is needed and inevitable. The presentation will be talk about how high labour costs and traditional manual operations are hindering companies from meeting customer demand, meeting new business requirements and making profit. The presentation will detail how Robotics and AI are the key to improving efficiency and delivering ROI. Case references will show the difference in performance of before and after implementation. AI automation is undoubtedly the future of logistics and Geek+ is leading the industry to a better future.



Lit Fung Managing Director, Geek Plus International Co. Ltd.

Lit Fung is Managing Director in charge of Asia Pacific and the Americas. Based in Hong Kong, he heads the company’s expansion and operations in the Asia Pacific region, including strategy, sales, project management and customer relations. Formerly managing director for overseas market, he played a crucial role in initiating and developing the company’s first overseas projects.

A specialist of AI and robotics, Lit has over 10 years’ experience in the logistic automation field working on global projects. He has in depth understanding of the ecommerce and retail industries in particular and how automation can address the global challenges they are facing and improve operations.