DAY 2Keynote

How AI solves the business problem

The problem was solved industrially.
In fact, artificial intelligence technology for real services or work within the company.
In the meantime, we can provide various services of Naver and Line.



SK Jung Naver, Clova Business General Leader

SK Jung is currently in charge of Clova Business, an artificial intelligence business of NAVER / LINE, and is in charge of PM of Clova Speaker service in Korea and Japan. The company applies various artificial intelligence technologies such as voice, natural language processing, vision, and video analysis to Naver and on-line services, while establishing and implementing strategies to expand the Clova Platform through partnerships with external companies.

Through the experience of founding and investing in startups in Korea and the United States, various companies are exploring practical limitations and solutions for applying artificial intelligence to real business.

Mr. Jung studied Computer Science at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and holds an MBA Master’s Degree from Georgetown University.