Day 2Track B

How AI is transforming the Fashion Business?

In fashion / retail, data is increasingly the most intelligently integrated enterprise and the basis for analyzing consumer trends and behavior.

Appropriate convergence of AI and data can facilitate the sharing of satisfactory recommendations and experiences based on personalization, and enable faster product planning and sales decisions based on the data.

In this lecture, we will show how AI can be applied to e-commerce to improve search and recommendation, and how MD and designers can use AI directly in trend analysis. I want to show the fashion intelligence of the future.



JY Jeon  CEO & Co-Founder, Omnious

Representative Jeon Jae-young founded Omnine during the 2015 Ph.D. in KAIST, identifying the unlimited possibilities of deep learning technology. He has more than 9 years of experience in image recognition, search, trend analysis and robotics using machine learning / deep learning.

Currently, a team of machine learning experts, service development experts, fashion trends, and data experts are responsible for the related tasks, from designing workflows to implementing AI services that address the Pain Point in the fashion world, including AI service planning, UX, and development. .

As a project leader of KAIST Artificial Intelligence Lab, he provided deep learning technology and software related to image recognition and situational awareness in many domestic IT companies.