Nov. 27Workshop| 09:00 – 12:00

Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Action – Recommendation Using Python

In this hands-on workshop, the company practically experiences the use of machine learning in product recommendation, a typical application of artificial intelligence. Prepare your data using Python’s libraries and walk through the practical process of creating a recommendation model in three ways: clustering, collaborative filtering, and deep learning.
(You need to bring your own laptop with internet access!)

Take Away

– Understand why, how, and trends apply machine learning and deep learning to product recommendations

– Understand the process and principles of real machine learning / AI

Target Audience

– Business practitioners and managers who want to understand the reality of machine learning and deep learning operations

-IT staff who are preparing or planning to apply machine learning



YJ Jeon  Revision Consulting, CEO

Mr. Jeon has been using machine learning for more than 20 years to provide data analysis consulting such as prediction, abnormal pattern detection, segmentation, and product recommendation in the business field. He has experience in machine learning in various industries and business fields such as credit card, mobile communication, distribution, manufacturing and public institutions.

He also speaks about AI, big data and data science and writes books and columns at various conferences.

In 2000 he earned a doctorate in AI applications.