DAY 2Keynote

How AI is driving Digital Transformation through Automation and Personalization

Artificial intelligence and Digital Transformation go hand-in-hand, but a concerted effort is required to maximize them. We need new structures, new technologies, and most of all, a new mindset about our customers to leverage AI to uncover new insights, creating personalized experiences, and enhancing the capabilities of our departments.

In this inspiring and data-driven talk, Jair Ribeiro opens a discussion with practical examples and advises on how the acceleration of AI will drive digital transformation through automation and personalization.



Jair Ribeiro AI Evangelist

Jair Ribeiro has several years of experience in leading teams and projects in large enterprise companies like Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and IBM.

He is engaged in communicating in a very inspiring and practical way the vision, the strategy, and the objectives of AI adoption, having a deep understanding and experience in several AI fields, especially Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing.

Performing his role of AI Evangelist, Jair Ribeiro has been recognized as a very active speaker, present in several international Conferences and Summit, always engaged in popularizing not only AI from the business point of view but also Leadership, Multiculturalism, and International Career Management skills.