DAY 1Track 1 

5 Ways to Apply AI on Future Retail

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황윤희 Head of Big Data VP, Lotte Members

Yoon-Hee Hwang is currently Head of Big Data at Lotte Members. She has experience in analyzing and utilizing big data linked to various industries based on CRM consulting, financial analysis and marketing, membership and mobile platforms. Developing and providing.

Currently, the company is constructing Lotte’s big data-based ecosystem by integrating online and offline consumer behavior data and product data, and creating an ecosystem for each company’s innovation. She is also responsible for creating a Customer Journey Map to better understand consumers and developing algorithms and indexes, design thinking, digital marketing, and implementing artificial intelligence services.

Major projects undertaken in the past include CRM Consulting (financial company, telecommunication company, customer service analysis, data mining, campaign strategy consulting), finance company data analysis and marketing And Utilization Service Development (SK Planet, BI Promotion Team, Lotte Members’ Big Data Division).