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LiveCare – Revolutionizing Livestock Farming with AI: Smart Livestock Healthcare with Data

Currently, the demand for livestock is increasing every year, but the productivity of livestock specification and disease management has not kept up. The productivity of livestock management depends on the fertility and quality management of livestock, and estrus, delivery and disease management are the main factors. In this regard, the importance of early detection and measures of livestock diseases such as ketosis, mastitis, infertility, postpartum stagnation, and plant disease, as well as human diseases, as well as malignant infectious diseases of livestock such as foot-and-mouth disease and avian influenza, which occurs around the world, are highlighted. It is becoming.

In particular, data-based analytical technology introduced since 2000 has played a key role in the innovation of the agricultural industry, but there has been a big gap between real livestock field and data-based services. With the recent real-time data acquisition, self-learning data-based AI analysis algorithms can help farmers to make quick decision-making, overcoming these gaps, to improve livestock productivity and disease prevention, and to humanity at large. It also shows the potential to contribute to the early containment of affected livestock.

Vice Chairman Huh Soon-young is an early adopter of AI technology through real-time livestock biometric data monitoring, which introduces various cases of early detection of livestock diseases. We will present a direction to solve the Pain Point.

  • Livestock Healthcare Data Analysis-Based Services Market Trends
  • Introduction of BM and AI technology based on industry / customer Pain Point
  • Cases of early detection of livestock disease-step by step. 1) Childbirth / Infertility 2) Relatively easy to find 3) Hard to find
  • Livestock Healthcare Future Direction



SY Huh  Vice-Chairman, U-Like Korea

He has gained experience and expertise in theoretical research and commercialization in universities and industries in big data AI, high tech and software.

After graduating from Seoul National University with a Ph.D. in management information from UCLA, he has been a professor at KAIST Graduate School of Business for more than 20 years. He has conducted numerous national research projects in the field of data mining and management information, and has published dozens of papers in international journals. And the KAIST Big Data Application Research Center.

Established venture company synergy consulting, developed basic model of bank international investment risk management system and U-City, which is the basis of domestic smart city with land corporation, and spread to Heungdeok, Dongtan, Sejong city, bank CRM system, next generation He led the development of the stock exchange system platform. In addition, it established a mobile AI venture company, established an online shopping big data analysis model of Adobe company in the US, and established big data AI strategy, IoT-based strategy, mobile business, and e-government to companies and government departments such as Samsung Electronics, Industrial Bank, and Ministry of Information and Communication. Strategies were developed and consulted.

Currently, U-Like Korea is focusing on establishing a data-based smart livestock business strategy and spreading AI-based livestock platforms.