DAY 1Track 2

AI & ML in Customer Experience Management: Increase Productivity & Enhance Customer Experience

How brands engage with consumers is drastically changing. Rising customer expectations is driving consumers to expect brands to engage with them in a relevant and personalized way, seamlessly across channels and devices. To deliver on this, brands must collect massive amounts of data, sift through that data to gain meaningful insights, create compelling experiences and deliver the right experience to the right person at the right place at the right time – in real-time. 

But this is no easy task. Not only will organizations need to change the way they organize their data and content, they will also need to re-think how they are organized, evolve existing business processes and deploy the right set of technology to execute on this efficiently, effectively and at scale.

In our session, we will discuss how Adobe is arming creative and marketing professionals with AI / Machine Learning enabled capabilities to increase productivity and efficiency to ultimately deliver exceptional experiences at scale to win the hearts and minds of consumers today.



Hiro Awanohara Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe APAC & Japan

Since joining Adobe in 2010, Hiro has had the opportunity to work with strategic customers across a variety of verticals in the US, Japan and APAC regions.

Leveraging his background as a marketer who has worked on driving strategy and execution for a variety of brands, Hiro has a proven track record in helping brands transform the way they engage with their customers through the use of content, data and technology.