DAY 2Track A

Retail Transformation with Advent of AI and Data Science

The presentation will highlight how retail industry has evolved over last few years with the advancement in AI and Data Science. Avinash will elucidate wide range of use cases of AI/data science across various verticals of omni-channel retail from his experience.  The talk will deep dive into challenges of E-commerce starting from building efficient network of fulfilment centres (FC) to forecasting, planning and fulfilling the demand and then enabling customers build their carts effortlessly.

The presentation will draw on interesting AI/Data Science applications in brick and mortar retailing, from deciding the location for upcoming stores, to meeting the geo-demand with optimized replenishment planning from distribution centres to stores, assortment and pricing strategies for regular as well as fashion merchandise. The presentation will also cover latest efforts in AI Image recognition-based approaches for applications like fresh produce quality assessment, scan & go.



Avinash Jade Walmart Labs, Principal Data Scientist

Avinash Jade is currently working as Principal Data Scientist in Walmart Labs. He has Ph.D.in Machine Learning and has eighteen years of experience in application of advanced Machine Learning and Operation Research in various domains.

He has worked extensively in Retail/E-commerce domain to solve a whole gamut of problems in Supply chain, Pricing, Assortment planning and Merchandising. He has published five research papers (with 130 + citations) in peer reviewed International Journals in the field of Machine Learning.