DAY 1Track 2

Transforming business growth using AI

With AI as such a strong technology trend with the promise of being able to transfer businesses into the next level, how do you actually approach working out how to implement it?

We will take the delegates through the steps to go from a business transformation vision, to a practical implementation plan. Based on an example project we ran for a global catering company that wanted to adopt AI and robotics to enable them to grow their business whilst maintaining their staff headcount.
We will start by presenting the vision of the business transformation challenge, discuss the importance of breaking this down into component parts, and ask delegates to consider these parts in our example.
We will then present the parts we looked at, and assess the value of developing a solution to each of these.
For each of those parts we will then consider how to find solutions to these, and where AI would play a part, getting delegates to propose ideas and reviewing against what we did.
Finally, we will discuss the challenges of companies who do not have a digital platforms to run AI on, and how to address that.



Dr. Miles Upton Cambridge Consultants, General Manager(Asia)

Miles is Regional General Manager (Asia) for Cambridge Consultants where he oversees the business and operational growth of the company’s activities in Asia. Over the past five years he has been responsible for spearheading the push into Asia and building C-level relationships with multinational clients around the region. Miles has over 20 years experience working in Asia, focused on complex technology business development especially in the mobile and wireless industries where he lead IP and licensing activities for a number of companies, including Mentor Graphics and Motorola.
Miles has extensive experience working with major Korean companies including Samsung Electronics, Samsung SLSI and LG Electronics over the past 20 years where he was involved in development of leading edge mobile devices and chipsets.
Miles has a PhD in Electronics from the University of York, UK and was awarded a NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship to study numerical modelling at Concordia University, Montreal.