DAY 1Track 3

Eureka! Finding AI Success in Augmented Intelligence

Most people talk about artificial intelligence that looks like humans and artificial intelligence that replaces humans.

In this presentation, we will learn about Augmented Intelligence (AI) and Ensemble AIaaS (enhanced AI platform), which have learned from Saltlux’s 20 years of AI commercial success.

Key point

-AI success story analysis and insights

-Concepts and Success Factors of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence

-Ensemble AI and Active Learning for Augmented Intelligence

Integrate explanatory AI, deep learning and knowledge graphs

Innovative AI platforms; AI Suite and ADAMS.ai



KI Lee Saltlux, CEO

Saltlux Lee Kyung-il, a 25-year veteran of artificial intelligence and data science, is a director of exobrain research, a special professor of computer science at Hanyang University, a chairman of the artificial intelligence industry council, and a member of the public data strategy committee.

He served as the first civilian member of the 4th Industrial Revolution Committee under the President, and received the Korea Industrial Packaging Award and the Korea Data Group Award.