Day 2Track B

The New Data Platform for New Data

Unstructured data, such as image and video, is utilized increasingly in various machine learning scenarios due to advances in deep learning. In order to train machine learning models or services based on supervised learning, unstructured data must be pre-processed using human cognitive abilities. We commonly call this data annotation or labeling. With the exponential growth in demand for annotated unstructured data, we are seeing more and more data annotation services based on large scale, crowdsourced, remote workforce.

However, there are a lot more to data annotation than managing large-scale workforce. Data annotation, and in fact the entire machine learning development lifecycle, involves many stakeholders including engineers, scientists and project managers. We introduce a novel data platform, the Superb AI Suite, to address the rising needs of machine learning engineering and research teams.




JK Lee  CTO, Superb AI

Jung Kwon Lee is Chief Technology Officer, and co-founder of Superb AI, building a new generation of machine learning data platform. Lee is leading research and development of computer vision technology driving AI services of Superb AI. Lee has published research papers on international journals on the subject of computer vision, unsupervised learning, auto ml, etc., which has been cited by 3250 researchers.