DAY 1Track B

AI Prospective from Investment Research Center

The future of industries will depend on digital transformation, which breaks down the boundaries between technologies and redefines the industry, so investment analysis on AI, the core technology of digital transformation, is a key task for the growth of future industries. to be.

In this regard, Dr. JK Hong will discuss the understanding and impact of AI through a phased and comprehensive analysis framework for AI investment analysis.

  1. Is AI wave Hype now?
  2. Why should we invest in AI wave now despite Hype concerns?
  3. So how do you get on the AI ​​wave? 

    * Suggest investment strategies in the industrial, corporate, social, and asset markets



Dr. JK Hong Daishin Securities, Research Center

Dr. JK Hong has long been involved in the convergence of technology and finance. Starting from ‘Technology Guarantee Fund,’ a venture policy financing institution in 2002, and earning a Ph.D. Leading the industry team. He has conducted policy research on science and technology innovation, policy research on finance, productivity, and scale-up ecosystem of small and medium venture firms, as well as domestic and international consultations.