Day 1Track 3  Star-up Pitch

Searching for and recommending new concepts through MyCelebs AI Keytalk

Providing consumers with more sophisticated and relevant recommendations is the goal of every company.
From salespeople’s displays to customer log-based recommendations, various solutions for this have emerged as well as technological advances.

MyCelebs is an AI application company that implements ‘user context and taste-based recommendation’ algorithm that differs dramatically from existing search and recommendation through its homegrown AI solution called MATS (Myceles AI Transformation Suite) and provides it with various types of applications such as search engine, voice search, web/app platform service, and chatbot.

MyCelebs’s solution was introduced as AWS’s global best case under the title ‘Immediately Profitable AI Solution’ for the first time by a domestic company. It has already been introduced and applied to services by leading domestic and foreign industry companies.

In this session, I would like to introduce MyCelebs’s differentiated ‘Keytalk-based Search and Recommendation’ and to introduce a variety of practical case application cases.



JH Shin  CEO, MyCelebs

• CEO of Myselfops

• Samsung Electronics Global Marketing Office

• Samsung Electronics Wireless Business Department

• IBM Industry Market Segment Manager

• IBM Enterprise Software Sales Specialist