Day 1Track 3  Star-up Pitch

AI: The leap to Precision Healthcare

Artificial intelligence, the disruptive technology already created an impact in every field of science and technology, also playing a huge role in the precision healthcare by assisting  the healthcare professionals in the diagnosis management process.

The presentation based on various case studies and live examples, showing how the  AI based systems assist the clinicians to take decision quickly with high level of precision and accuracy and also helps the clinicians to monitor the patients in the free living environments. Vision based system and wearable system has a huge to play in precision healthcare, and integration of AI with these systems is going to change the role of healthcare professionals.



James  CEO, Terenz

James is CEO of Terenz, an artificial intelligence based decision support system

developed to assist the doctors to increase the diagnostic accuracy and precision

of critical healthcare diagnoses across a range of disciplines. James has published over 46 articles on the application of machine learning in various neurological disorders, and other critical diseases such as Pneumonia, diabetics, and cancer which have been cited by many researchers in the field of AI. He received his PhD degree in Computer Engineering and from the Inje University.