Suk Keun Cha ACS Corp. | Co-founder/CTO

For the past 40 years, Suk Keun Cha, Cofounder/CTO has been started building a POSCO production control system and Hyundai-Kia Motors ALC, which is the core of the current smart factory for productivity and global competitiveness, more than 1,500 projects have been successfully completed.

Since 1999, he has participated in the planning of the Korean government Non-Y2K, production informatization, smart factory, smart manufacturing innovation, and industrial AI support projects. He is currently an ISO/IEC member of smart manufacturing and he received multiple awards and registered many patents.

Application and Examples of Industrial AI for Advancement of Smart Factories

The second industrial revolution of the 4th industrial revolution requires securing a global competitive advantage through intelligent technology that combines information technology including Big Data, IoT, and Could with intelligence technology of artificial intelligence software.

However, the need for foresight management is increasing due to the conversion of implicit information about manufacturing defects into formal land. To that end, he will present on understanding the step-by-step construction plan for upgrading smart factories using industrial AI.

✓ Manufacturing data integration plan and standardization trend for industrial AI
How to right way build a smart factory
Smart factory advancement application case using industrial AI (textile dyeing, automobile parts)