Karen Hao MIT Technology Review | Senior AI Reporter

Karen Hao is the senior AI reporter at MIT Technology Review, covering the field’s cutting-edge research and its impacts on society. She frequently speaks about her reporting around the world and writes a weekly newsletter called The Algorithm, which was named one of the best newsletters on the internet in 2018 by The Webby Awards. Prior to MIT Tech Review, she was a tech reporter and data scientist at Quartz, and an application engineer at the first startup to spin out of Alphabet’s X. She received a B.S. in mechanical engineering and minor in energy studies from MIT.

Computing and the AI revolution

Over the last few years, AI has rapidly transformed every industry, sometimes seemingly overnight. How did we get here? How should organizations capitalize on this opportunity? And what risks should they be aware of? This session will provide people with a research-grounded overview of how to think about and navigate this emerging technology—whether you’re a company, investor, or curious individual.