Hyun Kwon Seo  The University of Dong-A | Professor

Professor Hyun Kwon Seo is an agricultural engineering expert who studied agricultural robots and artificial intelligence in Korea, Netherlands, and the United States. He also worked for the Food and agriculture robot group at Wagen university in the Netherlands, one of best agricultural universities in the world. He has also participated in the EU project to dveleop robots that walk around on their won and remove weeds, and monitor pest using artificial intelligence.

 Last June, at The 2nd World Agricultural AI Competition held in Netherlands, he participated as the team leader of for the Korean national team, Digirog, and achieved the third place. Since then, he has established venture company Ainet Technology to reduce the digital information gap among farmers who are alienated from access  to high-tech technologies.

Agro AI: The future of agriculture and AI

Controlling over thousands of acres of farmland with the labor of AI equipped robots and controlling it with a smartphone app is no longer a wild dream. The shock AlphaGo has brought to the world is already happening in the agricultural world, this digital transformation is providing us with a new future.

In this session, as a leader of Korea’s top AI agriculture team”Digilog’, he will provide insight and vivid stories of his experience from winning third place at the World Agricultural AI Championships in Netherlands.

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