Nok-Won Kim DEEPX | CEO

Nok-Won Kim is  the CEO of  Korea’s first AI hardware platform company for edge devices,DEEPX. He led the development of A11 Bionic that was equipped with the world’s first artificial neural network processor for edge devices at Apple Inc. in 2010 during his visit to IBM Watson Research Institute during his Ph.D. program at UCLA.

Nok-Won Kim has over a decade of experience in product development in global companies including Broadcom, Apple, Cisco Systems, IBM and IBM Watson.  Since 2008, he has taken the role up the role as the CEO of DEEPX, a company specializing in artificial semiconductor development and has contributed greatly to the development of domestic technology.  He is the author to more than 10 IEEE and ACM transaction journal papers and to over 30 technology patents.

Towards the era of IoT

From everyday life to social infrastructure and safety facilities, IT technology is playing an increasingly important role in human civilization than ever before. Recently, such IT technologies are developing rapidly, led by deep learning technology. Artificial intelligence has recently brought about many successful changes in modern society.

This session aims to discuss the latest information and trends of the deep learning and deep learning hardware processor industry. In particular, I would like to discuss the latest semiconductor technology trends for the latest mobile applications, autonomous vehicles, and what lies ahead for this technology.