Nak-Hyun Choi Hyundai Motor Company | VP

Nak-Hyun Choi, VP, is currently working as the director of Big Data of Hyundai Motor Group and is leading the company’s new data-centric decision-making system. He is helping the company innovate its business process and customer service though his expertise and insight in big data analysis.

 Automotive Industry Value Chain, Big data and AI

Although big data and AI are often associated with autonomous driving and mobility in the automotive industry, big data and AI are also actively being used in value chain management.

Mr. Choi will introduce to us the numerous examples of big data, and AI-based work innovation in many areas including product planning, R&D, production, sales and marketing, quality assurance and customer service. He will also share what it means to have competitive AI and big data technology in the traditionally hardware-oriented industry that is rapidly evolving into a software-oriented industry.