Jung-Hee Cho Korean Space Wether Center | Ph.D.

Jung-Hee Cho is a Ph.D. in astronomy and working as a Forecast & Observation Researcher at the Korean Space Weather Center (KSWC), a local alarm center for space radio environments in Korea, under the Ministry of Science and ICT. She is mainly studying the change of geomagnetic field by solar explosion and developing a prediction model for geomagnetic disturbance utilizing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

AI Protecting the Earth from the Sun

Irregular activities of the Sun, such as sunspot explosion, activity cycles and release of coronal materials, cause extensive damage to various industries including the Earth’s aviation and satellite disturbance, navigation errors, communication disruption, radiation exposure and etc. 

Korean Space Weather Center(KSWC) is providing forewarning information through analysis of space environment data for the sake of the nation to minimize industrial damage caused by solar activity. In order to overcome the limitation of accuracy in forecasting, KSWC is making the best efforts to utilize state of the art technology such as Artificial Intelligence.

In this session, I would like to introduce the space environment and the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data / AI analysis tasks.

✓ Space Environment and Space Radio Disaster Disturbance
✓ Various Data Acquisition and Production
✓ Space Environment and Big Data / AI
✓ Big Data / AI Platform and Analysis Task