Jung-Ho Jang Homeplus | VP

After receiving a Ph.D. in computer science with AI, VP Jung-Ho Jang has long conducted CRM and marketing consulting at a business consulting firms. After serving as E-Mart’s marketing director, he is now leading the marketing division at Homeplus, leading the direction of digital transmission in the retail industry and researching various AI use cases.

The Role of AI and Digital Transformation in the Retail Industry

Differentiated customer experience (CX) is critical for the retail industry, an industry that is closely aligned with its customers. With the transition from offline to online retail, and mobile-oriented retail, customers are not only experiencing in store experiences, but are also experiencing Omni Channel customer experience, one that has never existed.

There are many cases where AI is used to dramatically change a customer’s experience and present a completely new business model. I would like to share the trend and strategy of innovation in retail using practical video, voice, text, and AI algorithms from the perspective of executives in the field.