James Kim Visa, VCA | Director, Head of data science in Korea

Director James Kim has built up long experience and expertise in the financial industry. Starting as a data analysis expert from Shinhan Card marketing team, he worked as a big data consulting team and AI lab, and conducted consulting work using artificial intelligence and big data from IBM GBS’s Cognitive Business Decision Support (CBDS) team, and currently serves as the head of Korea and Mongolia Data Science team in Visa Consulting and Analytics (VCA), a consulting organization of global payment company Visa.

How AI and big data transform the financial industry?

Four years after the start of the Fourth Industrial Revolution era was declared at the Davos Forum in 2016, companies in all industries are sparing active investment and activities to develop services and solutions that combine big data with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. The era has come when the survival of companies depends on who better utilizes these data and new technologies.

In particular, competition and efforts by individual companies are becoming fiercer than ever in order to gain a relative advantage in new business areas utilizing big data such as MyData and Open Banking, which began in earnest earlier this year due to the legislation of the Data 3 Act.

Through this session, Director James Kim will present new insights along with various real-world examples based on his understanding of global trends and various field experiences on how big data and AI are being used in the financial industry, a leading regulatory industry, and what new business models will emerge in the future.

✓ AI / Big Data Trend in the financial industry
Various domestic and international AI / big data use cases
Recent issues in the domestic financial industry (data exchanges, combination of alias information, data dams, etc.)
Business Strategies in the Financial Industry Using AI and Big Data in the Future