Eun Chang Choi Yale University | Fellow

Eun Chang Choi specializes in law and technology, robot ethics, algorithmic accountability, and data. He has contributed to the IEEE report ‘Ethically Aligned Design’, and taught at the ITU’s Asia-Pacific Centre of Excellence(CoE). He has been involved in the Best Practice Forum(BPF) of IoT-Big Data-AI at United Nation’s Internet Governance Forum. He provides policy advice for research institutions and consulting for business organizations on ethical questions concerning AI.

Eun Chang Choi sits on the editorial board of AI Policy Exchange and a member of the Korea Academy of Business Ethics. Previously, he has held a visiting scholar position at Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford, and a fellowship at Information Society Project, Yale Law School. He worked as a coordinator of the Harvard-MIT-Yale cyber scholar working group and also served as an editor for the Yale Journal of Law and Technology.

Ethical AI: A New Corporate Social Responsibility

Recent advances and applications of data and machine learning algorithms caused a seismic shift in business trends. AI-infused systems are increasingly being incorporated into business processes.

AI system also unwittingly involves several ethical concerns over biased algorithms, fairness data privacy, and transparency. The potential discriminatory impact of a data-driven business model is in the spotlight. Companies can stumble into trouble in a situation where automated decision-making continues to make unwanted glitches or errors in the system.  As businesses may face new ethical challenges, the need for ‘ethical AI’ is considered a new corporate social responsibility. Addressing AI’s ethical dilemmas is becoming the role of corporations.

In this backdrop, this session introduces examples of practical code of business ethics and good system design principles to avoid negative feedback from the market.

✓ Introduction of Problematic AI Ethics
✓ Trolley Dilemma and AI Ethics of Autonomous Behavior
✓  Embracing AI Ethics in the Corporate Code of Conduct
✓ The role of the AI Ethics Committee
✓ The Relationship between the establishment of Ethical AI and CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)