Yoo-Sung Jang CTO, SSG.COM | CTO

Yoo-Sung Jang is Shinsegae group’s online shopping portal SSG.COM’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in charge of data, AI, and technology based online commerce operational efficiency and customer experience. After Dr. Jang graduated from New York university with a masters in Mathematics, and a PHD in computer science from the State University of New York Stony Brook, he has been working for the AI based service industry since. He worked as the Chief Product officer of Wolfram Alfa that provides AI based service solutions to top companies like Apple Siri, Samsung Bixbi, and Amazon Alexa as a member of the founding team. He has also been in charge of Samsung’s UX group and Samsung Health’s development and is the founder of the Silicon Valley startup Huma AI, a healthcare and drug development company.
He has also been in the center of SK Telecom’s futuristic projects including SK Telecom Mobility, T map, T taxi, and autonomous driving. Dr. Jang is interested in how data, AI based services, and the startup ecosystems can change our daily lives.

What the AI Evolution Means to the Future of Commerce 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the online commerce and retail boom unprecedented changes. While traditional retail companies that have failed to prepare for the rapid changes have already fallen out of the market, the ones well prepared for Digital Transformation will see exponential growth.

Even traditional sectors with strong offline retail markets like groceries and fashion and beauty are experiencing exponential growth in online commerce. Data analysis and customer service using AI is increasingly creating synergy.

Yoo- Sung Jung, CTO intends to provide the commerce and retail industry with insights developed from decades of experience working in AI centric data businesses, especially from converting numerous businesses from offline to online.