Ratmir Derda 48Hour Discovery Inc. | CEO, The University of Alberta | Professor

Ratmir Derda is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Alberta, Canada, and Founding CEO of 48Hour Discovery Inc – a Canadian Biotechnology company that uses genetically-encoded molecular platforms to provide drug lead discovery for pharmaceutical companies. He has prior training at Harvard University (post-doctoral), University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ph.D.), and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He is the author of 64 peer-reviewed publications and an inventor of 13 patents.

New Data for AI in Drug Discovery from Genetically-encoded library technology.

High quality, annotated datasets are the foundation of modern AI and machine learning. In areas such as drug discovery access to new training information—experimental drug-related properties of molecules such as their affinity to drug targets, their specificity, or toxicity–is not trivial and very expensive. To acquire drug-discovery enabling information, we employ genetically—encoded molecular libraries in which billions of structurally diverse molecules are barcoded by DNA and decoded using next-generation DNA sequencing.

Using this approach we acquired properties of hundreds of millions of molecules across a thousand discovery campaigns: we show that such datasets are ideally poised for traditional machine learning pipelines.

Genetically-encoded screening provides the AI community with access to first-in-class data for previously unexplored drug targets.