Gustavo Pereira Spotify | Senior Data Scientist

Gustavo Pereira is an experienced Sr Data Scientist with over 10 years of experience, 3 of which at Spotify. He has worked in forecasting for the travel industry, modeled response times for very big contact centers, and is currently focused on the subject of Segmentation at scale to drive Growth at Spotify. He is also an ML practitioner with a strong technical background. He believes models should be interpretable as black boxes might lead to very difficult to observe bias.

Advanced Clustering Techniques for Audience Segmentation

As we move into large volumes of data, traditional ways of doing customer segmentation fail and demographics, while still valuable, are sometimes not descriptive enough.

In this session, I will address ways in which we try to solve segmentation at scale by leveraging machine learning methods and using them in novel combinations. I will also describe some advances we have made in terms of understanding the structure of data and how to interpret the models we use in order to provide insights to stakeholders.