Yong Joon Jeon RE::VISON Consulting | CEO

Yong Joon Jeon has been using machine learning for more than 20 years to provide data analysis consulting such as prediction, abnormal pattern detection, segmentation, and product recommendation in the business field. He has experience in machine learning in various industries and business fields such as credit card, mobile communication, distribution, manufacturing and public institutions.

He also speaks about AI, big data and data science and writes books and columns at various conferences.

In 2000 he earned a doctorate in AI applications.

Potential Business Value and Possibility of Prebuilt Model and AI borrowing

Although the recently announced GPT-3 has garnered explosive attention, it is worth noting that such a large-scale AI model, however useful, is impossible for everyone to develop and use independently. In this case, we look at AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS), which is expected to gradually spread as an alternative, and the concept of borrowing AI and its characteristics from a business application perspective.

In this session, Y.J. Jeon will discuss various things to consider in advance to borrow AI, such as what kind of AI to borrow, what we have to choose in between data, model, generated results, development/operating platforms and economic feasibility for input, business expectations, and potential issues.