Kyung Il Lee  Saltlux | CEO

Lee Kyung-il, CEO of Saltlux, is an AI and data science expert with 25 years of experience. He is also a director of exobrain research, a special professor of computer engineering at Hanyang University, chairman of KORAIA (Korea Artificial Intelligence Association), and a member of the Open Data Strategy Council. He served as the first civilian member of the Presidential Committee on the 4th industrial revolution and received the Order of Industrial Service Merit and the Korea Data Guru Award.

AI as a Service, Welcome aboard!

The AI market is evolving rapidly from the age of technical development to the age of commercialization and expansion of service.

In addition to start-ups and tech companies, industries such as traditional manufacturing, distribution, and services are all jumping in and are in a fierce competition to gain momentum in the area of AI-based innovative growth engine. With AI as a Service (AIaaS), companies, at any given time, can use trained AI models and services from the cloud, implement and operate innovative services internally and for their customers at minimal cost and time.

Companies can also rapidly improve their product and service quality through transfer learning or active learning based on field data of each industrial domain.

In this session, I will be sharing the application strategy and successful cases of AIaaS and projecting its direction of development.