Seong Jin Kim Hyundai Elevator | CDO, CIO

Seong-Jin Kim, CDO and CIO, has focused on digital innovation at SAP, GE and Samsung responsible for driving innovation and developing enterprise application, Cloud consulting, deployment, sales and business development. Currently, he serves as a Chief Digital Officer(CDO) and CIO for digital innovation at Hyundai Elevator.

Elevator and AI in 160 Years of History: Focused on Practical Applications

Digital innovation has become a necessity, not an option, in all industries, especially with tech companies. 

In the manufacturing industry, various forms of learning and optimization techniques such as machine learning are needed to analyze and optimize data that has exploded due to the rapid development of IoT and IT infrastructure.

The 160-year-old elevator industry has been a traditional value-oriented industry due to passenger safety regulations and industrial characteristics coupled with the construction industry, but data and AI are now bringing changes to the elevator industry.

Seong-Jin Kim will introduce how Big data and AI are being used in traditional industries such as elevators, and share insights on how AI should be utilized and challenged in traditional manufacturing, which is difficult to internalize AI capabilities on a large scale compared to tech companies.

✓ 160-year-old elevator industry introduction
✓ AI / Big Data Trend in the elevator industry
✓ The use case of AI / Big Data of Hyundai Elevator
✓ Lesson learned