Scott Brinker Chief Martech Editor & Martech Conference | Global Marketing Tech Guru

Scott Brinker was originally a computer enthusiast and programmer. He was an undergraduate and get a Master’s degree at Harvard and Columbia University, and a Master’s degree in business administration at MIT.

By attaching a passion for computer programming to advertising, he established an advertising technology company,“I-on Technology”.

He became a world-famous marketing technology guru by opening and posting a blog called “Chief Martech”. He paid attention to the market for marketing software and worked on a project to count marketing solutions around the world. This project is a Mar Tech Landscape that many people have seen. (Mar Tech Landscape)

Scott Brinker has selected five keywords that move marketing technology this year, among which no-code marketing has been noted.

The Arrival of No Code Age : How AI Shapes the Future of Marketing Industry?

In this session, he will talk about the present and future of AI-led no-code marketing. Through this presentation, we will listen to the impact of AI on the marketing technology ecosystem in the global market.

More and more marketing technology superpowers are being bottled into software that any marketer can use. These “no code” products are driving a new citizen creator revolution.

It’s impressive what “no code” enables today. But in the decade ahead, advances in AI will put even more amazing capabilities at the fingertips — or voice command — of citizen creators of all kinds: citizen developers, citizen graphic designers, citizen data scientists, and so on.

It is changing marketing in profound ways.