Mohak Shah LG Electronics | VP, AI & Machine Learning

Mohak Shah is a VP of AI and Machine Learning at LG Electronics. He is a technology executive and technologist with an established history of leading high-impact initiatives in AI, IoT, digital transformation, and building data-driven businesses and strategies. Prior to joining LG, he has been with Bosch, GE and Accenture. He also holds an adjunct faculty position with the University of Illinois (Chicago).

He is the author of “Evaluating Learning Algorithms: A Classification Perspective” (Cambridge), and has published more than 50 research articles, in top conferences and journals in the analytics space, and patented technologies. He was the General Chair of ACM SIGKDD 2016 and Applied data science program chair for SIGKDD 2020 conferences.

Mohak Shah is a sought-after expert speaker, advisor, and consultant in scientific, business, and investment communities.

AI and Digital Transformation: A Comprehensive Guide

AI and data technologies are revolutionizing not just how the businesses are operated and managed but envisioned. AI is already transforming numerous industries and serving as a foundation for novel business models. However, realizing such digital transformation in large organizations and well-established businesses is non-trivial and goes beyond just building the data infrastructure or AI algorithmic competence.

This session highlights the business and strategic challenges of AI transformation and provide some key lessons.