Juyong ParkKAIST | Professor of Graduate School of Culture Technology

After professor Joo-Yong Park graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in physics, he went to the University of Michigan (Ann-Arbor) for a Ph.D. in statistical physics, network science, and complex sciences. He then took on the role of a researcher at the Harvard Dayna-Farber Cancer Institute and researched System’s biology. He is currently researching physics culture at KAIST’s Graduate School of Culture and Technology. He is also the co-producer of the basalt symbol “Pandorane” in Jeju Island, and has worked as a curator for Daejon Museum of Art’s “How to View: Project X. During College.

Professor Joo-Yong Park fell in love with American football and created a ranking algorithm for college teams. He is still passionate about American football and enjoys riding bicycles and motorcycles in his spare time.

Human Sensibility⋅Creativity and Artificial Intelligence

Automata’s dream of being able to perform various functions of human has evolved into an dream of artificial intelligence with the advent of computers. However, the confrontation between humans and artificial intelligence has repeatedly led to one side dominating the other, raising questions about the right relationship between humans and artificial intelligence.

In this session, we will esplore the development of artificial intelligence for the goal of self-realization and expression of creativity oat the apex of human desire and introduce the concept and theory of the Wolrd Wide Culture Web, which brings together human creations. And also discuss why human creativity is even more necessary in the age of artificial intelligence.