Daniel Lim Riiid | VP

Daniel Lim brings extensive experience and expertise in the areas of strategy planning, new business development based on data analysis in diverse industries including  IT and education. His career began as a consultant at Deloitte Consulting and led a new business development team at SK Supex.

Daniel Lim then was appointed as Client Solution Lead for Facebook Korea, overseeing data analysis and marketing strategy.

He currently serves as Vice President of Riiid, managing overall operations of AI, engineering, and business divisions.   

AI – enabled Paradigm shift in education – enhancing personalized learning

In contrast to other industries such as healthcare, FinTech and commerce, the AI-enabled education industry is just in the nascent stage. And, the impact and growth potential of AI in education is enormous.

Deep Learning AI recommends a learning path that identifies and predicts user’s current learning status and leads users to achieve their targeted goals. In particular, AI analyzes learners’ problem solving and behavior patterns to provide personalized diagnosis and feedback in real time. AI-based education provides affordable yet high-quality of personalized learning opportunities for everyone, regardless of time and space.

In the real world, the technology has proved its learning efficacy in the market already and is applied in various test-prep areas regardless of verticals and domains. Furthermore, it enables a ‘formative learning’ that evaluates an individual’s performance throughout the entire learning process, not just from a single test. Students’ diagnosis and feedbacks are provided continuously while optimal learning paths for achieving one’s goal is recommended in real time.

The ripple effect of AI technology in the education market is not just about changing how we ‘consume’ education or ‘increase’ accessibility. It transforms the core of the learning method and contributes to improving academic achievements – the fundamental purpose of learning, thereby changing the true value that education provides to society.

So, challenges are expected but it’s more important than anything.