Sung- Cheon Chung PANDO | CEO

CEO Sung-Cheon Chung has accumulated long experience and expertise in ICT (Information Communication Industry) and platform industries. After his doctorate degree at Seoul National University’s Engineering College, he led the development of digital printing, telecommunication system, mobile phone and smartphone, contents/service platform, Artificial Intelligence IoT smart home and smart hotel platform at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, LG Electronics, LG Economic Research Institute, and Comax Co., Ltd. He is currently pushing for AI delivery call service platform business as CEO of Pando Platform.

Practical Changes and Realistic Future of Business based on Artificial Intelligence Voice UI

With the revolution of Big data-based Artificial Intelligence technology, voice recognition UI is rapidly spreading in our lives. Since the launch of the iPhone smartphone in 2007, the touch-and-go UI has become the dominant key interface in our lives, but conversational communication is still voice-based, so the application of Voice UI based on Artificial Intelligence voice recognition will change not only the industry as a whole but also our lives itself.

Voice will evolve into an all-around remote control that controls reality as a means of controlling all kinds of technology. However, in reality, we often face occasion that it can’t really recognize even a chicken restaurant menu in real use. Therefore, I suggest the future direction of AI voice recognition Voice UI that will go beyond these realistic limitations and be with our lives.

✓ Present level and near future appearance of voice recognition Artificial Intelligence Voice UI
✓ Habituation of voice recognition technology – From products to services 
✓ Business model: Applicability VS Realistic model
✓ Attractive business model in the domestic market