Rajesh Shreedhar Bhat Walmart Global Tech India | Sr. Data Scientist

Rajesh Shreedhar Bhat is working as a Senior Data Scientist at Walmart Labs, Bangalore. He completed his Bachelor’s degree from PESIT, Bangalore, and currently pursuing Masters from Arizona State University in CS with ML specialization.

He has a couple of research publications in the field of NLP and vision, which are published at top tier conferences such as ECML-PKDD, CoNLL, ASONAM, etc.. He is a Kaggle Expert(World Rank 966/122431) with 3 silver and 2 bronze medals and has been a speaker at various International and National conferences. 

Conversational AI using Transformer models

With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence(AI) and cognitive technologies,  automation has been a key prospect for many enterprises in various domains. Conversational AI is one such area where many organizations are heavily investing in.  

In this session, we mainly discuss the building blocks of conversational agents, Natural Language Understanding Engine with transformer models which have proven to offer state of the art results in standard NLP tasks.

We will first talk about the advantages of Transformer models over RNN/LSTM models and later talk about knowledge distillation and model compression techniques to make these parameter heavy models work in production environments with limited resources.