Gye Seung Kim INFINIQ | Executive Director

Starting with Korea Microsoft, Gye-seung Kim has accumulated expertise in the field of software quality management through Namo Interactive and the Mobile Industry Association, and is currently in charge of the Artificial Intelligence data service CMO at INFINIQ.

Deep Learning Utilization Strategies for Obtaining High Quality Data

Securing data to learn algorithms in the development of Artificial Intelligence is a very important topic. Although many companies are pushing for innovation and leapfrogs by utilizing deep learning technology, they are deeply concerned about the cost and effort to secure and process data.

The government’s Digital New Deal project also provides a lot of support for building data for training and INFINIQ continues to develop effective methods of collecting data for training and systematic data processing through participation in various private and public tasks.

In this session, executive director Gye-seung Kim will share his experience in securing reliable data by applying deep learning technology to work on data for artificial intelligence training.