Steve Chien Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Technical Group Supervisor & Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Steve Chien is a JPL Fellow, Senior Research Scientist, and Head of the Artificial Intelligence Group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.  He has contributed to the deployment of AI software for many space missions including Earth Observing One, SensorWeb, Mars Exploration Rovers, Rosetta, ECOSTRESS, OCO-3, and the M2020 Perseverance Rover (in progress).  He is a three time honoree in the NASA Software of the Year Competition and has been awarded Three NASA Medals and has published hundreds of peer reviewed articles.

AI in Space Exploration

Dr. Chien will discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence Software for a wide range of space applications including machine learning for dealing with enormous datasets, automated scheduling of space missions and communications assets, and design of future space missions.  He will also describe how AI software is needed for future missions to hostile, unknown environments such as the surface of Europa, underice oceans of Europa, or even a mission to another star.


Take away

– Artificial Intelligence Software is in use in a wide range of applications in the space sector.
– Machine learning for analysis of enormous datasets.
– Scheduling of spacecraft, rovers, and communications assets.
– Design and analysis of future space missions.
– Autonomous systems to explore hostile, unknown environments