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Pascal Bornet is a recognized global expert and pioneer in the field of intelligent automation. He is passionate about the capacity of artificial intelligence and automation to make our society more human. Bornet is a senior executive with 20+ years of experience leading digital business transformations and creations. Over the last ten years, he has founded and led the “Intelligent Automation” practices, first for EY (Ernst & Young) and then for McKinsey & Company. These lines of business delivered high-impact results to corporate clients across industries through innovation, research, strategic investments, and cutting-edge technology developments. In these contexts, he successfully led hundreds of intelligent automation transformations at scale across industries and functions. He has also created and managed a proven track record of distinctive, innovative solutions, technologies, and IP portfolios.

Pascal Bornet is a recognized author, thought leader, lecturer, and speaker on artificial intelligence, automation, and the future of work. He is also an influencer on the same topics, elected Top Voice in Technology 2019; he has more than 300,000 followers on LinkedIn and Twitter. Bornet holds an MBA from the University of California Los Angeles, an MBA from the National University of Singapore, a Master of Science in Management from EM-Lyon/Saint-Etienne, as well as several certifications in Data Science and Finance (US CPA).

Intelligent Automation: Boosting Business Efficiency and Making our World More Human

The Industrial Revolutions started over 200 years ago, automating “blue-collars” work in the agricultural and industrial industries. They provided massive and structural benefits to our society, such as the reduction of famine, the increase in standards of living, and they relieved people from laborious manual work.

Officially coined in 2017 by IEEE, Intelligent Automation (IA) ushers in a new revolution: the one of office work, automating “white-collars” work. Today, office work accounts for more than 80% of the job roles in our global economy, such as lawyers, financial controllers, or call center operators.
IA, also called Hyperautomation, is a cutting-edge combination of methods and technologies, involving people, organizations, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotic process automation (RPA), and more.
The main questions we will answer during this presentation are:
✓ What is Intelligent Automation (IA)? Why has the use of IA been expanding so rapidly? What are the benefits it unleashes for people, companies, customers, and society?
✓ How can IA increase the resilience of our health and economic systems to safeguard people’s lives and livelihood even in times of pandemics or crises?
✓ How have leading organizations been able to harness the full potential of IA, at scale, and generate massive efficiency gains in the range of 20 to 60%?
✓ How can IA save 10+ million lives per year, triple our global budget for education, eliminate hunger, or help protect our planet?