AI technology evolves everyday. AI helps to innovate the business process and creates a new business model. With rich data and technology and the passion of AI experts, we are seeing a completely different landscape of business in an AI driven environment. The AI Summit Seoul 2019, organized by DMK, is the largest AI conference in ASIA and seeks to deliver key industry insights.

AI Summit SEOUL is designed and organized by DMK which hosts an iconic digital transformation conferences.  

AI is a key lever to revolutionize all sectors of an industry’s value chain. We are hosting this event to help you realize these changes and gain insights from the global thought leaders and experts. Last year, the conference venue was filled with the passion and energy of 1,300 conference attendees, including more than 300 companies and organizations.

This year, we designed a program to raise awareness of the latest evolution of AI and many use cases where AI has been implemented.

We thank every advisory member, supporter and sponsor for this summit. Do not miss the chance to take part in this unique and insightful event! 

If you have an idea and/or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the AI SUMMIT SEOUL!

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The AI Summit Seoul event is organized by DMK. We host large scale Knowledge Conferences to deliver the latest market changes and insights to our attendees in the digital transformation era. In addition to the AI Summit Seoul, DMK hosts a Digital Marketing Summit and a Content Marketing Summit annually. 

DMK’s founder is John Park. He has worked for Samsung, LG Economic Research Institute, LG Electronics and SAP. He specializes in business strategy, marketing, scales and business operations. During these years of his career, he has written three books on his profession.

Thank you for your interest in AI SUMMIT SEOUL 2019.