DAY 1Track 2

AI Innovation Strategy for Great Jump

Expectations for AI technology are very high, but there are few cases where this technology has been properly applied in actual enterprise sites, and there are few cases where the technology is used to generate cash flows. What is the root cause? AI technology exists, but there is no methodology to apply it to business.

This lecture deals with AI innovation methodology. In this case, we will look into which AI detailed technologies can be introduced and how to innovate by applying them to the business. Ultimately, we will look at how various new customer experience innovations can be achieved.



DH Jeong Handong Universtiy, Professor

At the Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI), the company spent 10 years working on raising the level of their intelligence by delivering industry and management insights to managers. Since then, he has been the director of the planning department in charge of content planning at SERICEO, the knowledge platform of Korean executives.

He has also participated as Minerva Trained Fully Active Learning Professor, a world-renowned innovative university. We have analyzed thousands of technical and business innovation cases, and continued research on new technology innovations and strategies, including AI, and published numerous papers in SSCI-level international journals, and several times at the Korean Society for Technology Innovation and Technology Management Economics. Won the thesis award. He interviewed more than 50 global management gurus leading digital transformation, including former Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Cisco Chairman John Chambers and President John Culver Starbucks, Professor Pedro Domingos Washington University, author of Master Algorithm, Interact with top experts in AI, including Jerry Kaplan Stanford University, author of The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Professor MIT James Alterback, a master of technological innovation, and Professor Brad Templeton, Singularity University, who advised the development of Google’s autonomous vehicles. did.

His three books include The Age of AI Super Difference Three Years Later, and Technical Intelligence (TQ) and Missease (Secretized Tax) on the power to keep up with the pace of the future. His Ph.D. Acquired.