DAY 2Track 1

The state of AI in Finance and Its future

AI has become an increasing trend, as the phrase “Artificial Intelligence” is wide spread through the public and AI technology is being deployed even in the most traditional industries. Today, we will talk about AI for Finance, more particularly banking services and how it is going to evolve the industry in future.

Optimizing structured data in financial service through algorithms has been around for decades. In the past, the process was heavily depended on statistical approaches. As AI tech has been leapt recently, applying deep learning techniques into optimization has become more prevalent.

 Chatbot is now one of the most common use cases of AI using unstructured data, especially text data. But unfortunately, some of the service were done without full understanding of the technology. Therefore, today’s speech will mainly focus on the progress of business cases of AI in finance and its strategy for future, and also forecast which areas are promising in future.



HK Jang Shinhan Bank, Head of Digital R&D Center

Dr. Jang joined Shinhan Bank in 2017 as a head of Digital R&D Center and is responsible for developing and executing integrated banking digital strategies applying AI and new techs. Before joining Shinhan, he woked at SK and led Watson API Korean project, which contributed to activate AI ecosystem in Korea. Prior to this, he led IBM Ubiquitous computing Lab, where he played a major role in new tech R&D and commercializing B2B businesses including smart space, mobile platform and Big data. He started his career at Samsung SW center, where he was in charge of developing OS for Bada Phone.  

  • Shinhan Bank, Digital R&D Center, Head (Present)
  • SK, Abril Platform, Team Manager (2017)
  • IBM, Ubiquitous Computing Research Center, General Manager (2015)
  • Samsung Electronics, SW center Senior Researcher (2005)
  • Seoul National University, Phd. Physics (2002)