Day 2Track C  Star-up Pitch

The Onset of Voice AI, and Authentic Artificial Intelligence as Content Creation Technology

Voices are unique. They represent a person, a brand, and the memories and emotions. While convenience and freedom were the goals when voice technology was in its nascent stage, we must look at what potential lies a layer deeper.

Voice has long been sidelined by vision – visual filters, stickers, and AR/VR visual effects have blossomed with the explosive advances in computer vision technology. The infiltration of smart speakers into our lives are heralding the coming of a new era of voice AI where simple voice syntheses and rudimentary TTS & STT applications won’t suffice. From simply generating or transcribing ”sound”, we can now understand and choose the “character” of the sound, fully embracing what “voice” stands for.

– Current environment

– The parties involved (e.g.; who are the customers?)

– Voice cloning, creation, and conversion: TTS, STT, & STS

– What does this mean for the future?



Tom(Seung Kun) Lee  COO, Orbis AI

Tom started his career in B2B Sales with MuleSoft in San Francisco, now a Salesforce company, after graduating from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Business Administration. Then he transitioned into the marketing world working in the Digital Marketing Team at LG CNS in Korea. He now oversees strategy and product at Orbis AI.